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'Time 4 Hemp Radio is a 'LIVE' twice-weekly program (soon to be 5 days a week) where you will meet all the founders of the Marijuana Movement mixed with an amazing variety of great music. You can find it every Tuesday and Thursday at 5-7 p.m., Central Time at American Freedom Radio. Once you listen, you will want to share this entertaining and educational series with everyone you know. Critics agree - it's the best way to stay on top of the Hemp Movement and that it REALLY IS Time 4 Hemp!

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Stations can be linked in radio networks to broadcast a common radio format, either in broadcast syndication or simulcast or both. Audio broadcasting also can be done via cable radio, local wire television networks, satellite radio, and internet radio via streaming media on the Internet.

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Broadcasting by radio takes several forms. These include AM and FM stations. There are several subtypes, namely commercial broadcasting, non-commercial educational (NCE) public broadcasting and non-profit varieties as well as community radio.



Many stations broadcast on shortwave bands using AM technology that can be received over thousands of miles (especially at night). Radio in education soon followed and colleges across the U.S. began adding radio broadcasting courses to their curricula.

Free Live Radio - Source of Unlimited Fun

Introduction of communication radio is a great gift from advanced technology. They have facilitated not only hassle free communication but great source of entertainment too. It is widely accepted fact that entertainment is a very important aspect of our lives. Everyone of us feels the need of refreshing the mind at one point of time during the day. When it comes to relaxation of mind, music is a great choice. Influence of good music can not be explained in words. Live radio is one such medium which can ensure listening to the music through your favorite stations anytime you want. It allows enjoying radio through the Internet. It is an amazing mode of entertainment which can cheer up the mood just by a click. Its popularity is rapidly growing with changing time.

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Many websites have started providing free online radio service. Effectiveness of these live channels is remarkable as they not only air songs, but starting from news, interviews, talk-shows, discussion about current hot topics to various interesting contests, everything can be accessed with the click of your mouse. Moreover, free online radio stations can be listened from any place of the world. One just needs to get a registration done in order to enjoy the popular radio stations and this registration is free of cost. So, just by log on to the portal, one can tune into to any channel of his/her choice. With live radio, a person sitting in India can listen to American radio station. This is really nice opportunity to avail ultimate fun without much effort.

Latest information about the online radios is available on the Internet. People can make good use of radios by knowing the various radio channels which are available online. Thus people can easily have free of cost fun in their life by listening to amazing radio programs. Also, if the mobile user has Internet browsing facility on the phone, then the application of free online radio can be downloaded to the handset. This facilitates more flexibility on the part of the user. These days, radio jockeys have great influence over the listeners. Their way of presentation can really help increasing the popularity of the shows. In fact, professional courses for the RJ s are being introduced to make them more polished inside out. The best part of this mode is that, one does not have to sit separately in order to listen the free online radio stations. One can easily listen to these channels while doing other works in the PC. So, tune yourself to ultimate fun and keep enjoying.

As Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks, you can listen free to an American radio station, while sitting in England; and to an Indian show live while you are in Africa. Media Consumption survey revealed that 32% of Internet users in America listen to the e-radio for an average of 5.8 hours a week. Thus, with the advent of Internet radio, physical distances between cultures have dissolved. If you are not satisfied with the quality of music being played on your wireless channels, you can listen to them online. Most local stations do not play genres like Eurodance, ambient music or folk songs; if you love to listen to them, you must register with free Internet radio stations.

American Radio Station

Not only music but videos, live chat shows, and stand-up comedies can also be enjoyed on the free Internet radio stations. So, just log in and sit back to relax with your favorite music at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

Internet radio stations do not have a centralized studio. The programs are hosted by the DJ's using specific software, which lets them work from any corner of the world, even from their home studios. You can interact with the DJs, and send your music requests via emails. Social networking sites are also easily accessible via these radio channels. You can use social networking links to request songs and participate in the various contests held here. You can save your profile and get recognized every time you log in to the website. You can download music from, buy the desired songs or create favorite playlists and listen to these whenever you log in to the radio station.

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